Penfed Credit Union Auto Loan Rates (& Phone Number)

I am very convinced that you are here to know more about the Penfed Credit Union auto loan rates. In this content, we will also provide their phone number to you.

Penfed Credit Union Auto Loan Rates (& Phone Number)

Pentagon Federal Credit Union, often known as PenFed, is a United States federal credit union headquartered in McLean, Virginia, that is chartered and governed by the National Credit Union Administration.

Penfed Credit Union Auto Loan Rates

New Car Buying Service

Model Year – 2022 or newer & never titled – 5.19%, 5.29%, 5.34%, 5.64%, 6.54%

New Auto Purchase

The model Year – 2022 or newer that has never been titled – 5.19%, 5.29%, 5.34%, 5.64%, 6.54%

Used Car Buying Service

Vehicles that have been previously owned or have more than 7,501 miles – 6.04%, 6.14%, 6.14%, 6.24%, 6.99%

A Full Review

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union, often known as PenFed, provides refinance loans and loans for the purchase of new and used cars.

Membership in the credit union is necessary, although people can sign up once their application for an auto loan has been approved. Normally, members must deposit $5 to start a primary savings account, but PenFed waives this fee for anyone applying for vehicle loans.

Although the branch network is fairly constrained, auto loan applications can be submitted online, over the phone, or in any PenFed location. Up to six pre-qualified loan offers with rates and payments for various terms are sent to applicants.

A soft credit check is used for pre-qualification, which has no impact on applicants’ credit ratings. Only after an application pushes forward with a loan offer does a hard credit inquiry take place.

PenFed claims that by using the data from the initial application, borrowers can frequently proceed directly to final approval without providing any further details.


Rate Discount

PenFed’s prospective rate discount is not dependent on establishing automatic payment, in contrast to many other credit unions and banks.

Instead, when a vehicle is acquired using PenFed’s online car buying service, rate savings or cash bonuses might be provided. The PenFed website lists the current “as low as” rates, which are normally only accessible to consumers with excellent credit.

When using the vehicle buying service, a candidate can look for a car online, get member pricing from a dealer, apply for the loan online, and find out whether they’re approved before going to a dealership.

The ability to receive reimbursement for any auto insurance deductible up to $500 twice a year when submitting a claim is another intriguing benefit offered to customers of the car-buying business.

It’s important to note that participating dealers may contact you via phone calls and emails when you seek information through the automobile buying service.

How to Know My Auto Loan Rates

The interest rate is normally found near the top or bottom of the statement, along with your car loan number, address, name, and other information.

The interest rate should also be listed on your initial car loan statement. Your payback terms should usually be found near the beginning of the contract.

Penfed Phone

For further information, call 1-800-247-5626. The rate varies with the term.

Highest Credit Limit

Customer service states that the PenFed Power Cash Rewards card’s initial credit limit is $5,000 at the very least. Some cardholders, nevertheless, mention having restrictions as high as $25,000.

However, PenFed Credit Union does not provide any particular information regarding the PenFed Power Cash Rewards credit limit in the card’s rules.

If you see Penfed as your best option after going through these words, make sure you follow them up immediately.

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